Sr.  Item Description Purpose
1. Item Procurement Form To give detailed specifications of the Item to be Procured
2. Training Need Analysis (TNA) Proposal format Training Need Analysis (TNA) Proposal format for Faculty to attend courses/seminars
3. Format for CEP/FDP Proposal for conducting a CEP programme
4. Software Purchase Form Software Purchase 
  Infromation Required for 5th JRM  
1. Autonomy Grant UGC Letter    Annex A
2. Agenda of 67th BoM Meeting   Annexure I
3 Minutes of 66th Meeting of BoM  Annexure II
4 Minutes of 65th Meeting of BoM    Annex A1_1
5 Minutes of 64th Meeting of BoM    Annex A1_2
6 NBA Accreiditation Letter (UG)    Annex B
7 NBA Accreiditation Letter (UG)    Annex C
8 NBA Accreiditation Letter (PG)    Annex D
9. Governance Development Plan (GDP)    Annex F
10 Revised IDP for 2016 with updated target indicators

  Annex G,    Annex H








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