Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Lab

Electronics and Telecom. Engineering Department,

SGGS Institute of Engineering & Technology,

Vishnupuri, Nanded- 431606 INDIA


Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Lab is established under TEQIP-II Programme sponsored by World Bank, Govt. of India, and Govt. of Maharashtra in 2014. The lab is designed and developed by Lab-Incharge Dr. Abhijeet V. Nandedkar, Associate Professor in close association with Dr. Sanjiv V. Bonde, Associate Professor and Dr. Anil B. Gonde, Associate Professor, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering .

Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field related to Video-Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Robotics, and Geometry. The purpose of computer vision is to mimic the human vision system and deploy it to solve real world problems.

The lab Mission is :  “Computer Vision for People”

The Objectives are:

1.      Provide a platform for R&D in the field of CVPR

2.      Utilize CVPR to solve real world problems

3.      Contribute in theoretical development of CVPR